About Stay on Your Feet


Stay on Your Feet is a regional strategy aimed at improving the quality of life for older adults across northeastern Ontario. Funded by Ontario Health North East and in partnership with the five public health units, SOYF works with a multitude of partners in five key areas:

  1. Strengthen Community Action – older adults and partners set priorities and direction
  2. Develop Personal Skills – older adults have options to improve their health
  3. Create Supportive Environments – communities and services reinforce healthy options for older adults
  4. Build Healthy Public Policy – organizations, local and provincial governments support older adults to remain healthy and live independently through policies that promote health
  5. Reorient (Health) Services  – everyone does their part to make healthy aging possible for all

“It takes a community….”



The Stay on Your Feet (SOYF) strategy of northeastern Ontario wishes to acknowledge the leadership and exceptional work of our Australian colleagues. In particular, the following initiatives inspired our strategy and helped make it what it is today:

Provided by Injury Matters and funded by the Western Australian Department of Health.


Queensland Stay On Your Feet ®

Helping older Queenslanders stay healthy, active, independent and on their feet.