Unlock Food

Are you interested in learning more about nutrition but not sure where to start? Check out https://www.unlockfood.ca/en/Seniors.aspx for more information on healthy eating for older adults. They offer recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating tools to help you reach your … Read More

Manage Your Medications

As we age, the way a medication affects you may change. Drug interactions around prescription medications and over the counter drugs can potentially cause drowsiness and dizziness. To learn more about ways to manage your medication and what questions to … Read More

Importance of Staying Active

Canadian Comedian Brittlestar chats with his mom about the importance of exercising to reduce risk of a fall. She’s not so sure! Let’s Be Active! Consider some of these great tips to keep your body moving! www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae8Ii5oivTk&list=PL7plicVImnW5Mw0KtWOBPvv1jITPBxSFP&index=2

Follow Canada’s Food Guide

Let’s Be Strong! Healthy eating is important at any age in order to maintain independence and quality of life. Eating well is more than just what you eat. Canada’s Food Guide focuses on being mindful of your eating habits, cooking … Read More

Winter Walking Safety

Winter has arrived! When heading out make sure to plan ahead. Take your time, wear appropriate clothing and the correct footwear. Be careful getting in and out of vehicles and watch for slippery or unsafe paths. To learn more about … Read More

Connect with loved ones

Canadian Comedian Brittlestar chats with his mom about fall prevention. Her reaction is hilarious! Let’s Be Social! Connect with loved ones to talk about important topics like how to prevent a fall from happening. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGF2JsHIFCE&list=PL7plicVImnW5Mw0KtWOBPvv1jITPBxSFP

Cyber Seniors – FREE Technology Help!

Do you need help using your smartphone, tablet, or computer? Cyber Seniors can help! Technology Mentors are young people who have been trained to teach technology to older adults. To register for FREE online instruction or to schedule FREE one-on-one … Read More

Are you a Stand Up! Graduate? Check This Out!

A free exercise class for older adults who graduated from the 12-week STAND UP! program. The class includes exercises similar to those learned during STAND UP! The focus is to build better balance, strength and flexibility. There is a pre … Read More

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